DFNSV Hoodie
DFNSV Hoodie
DFNSV Hoodie

DFNSV Hoodie

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Heavy-weighted cotton hoodies in two colorways, are more durable than any other hoodie on the market. With a screen-printed design made to last for years to come. Strong enough to withstand all battle damage from daily trials and tribulations. 

Comes in two colorways, Anchor and Sage Green. 

Male Model is 5'7" and wearing size Large,

Female Model in Sage Green is 5'2" and wearing size Medium. 

Female Model in Anchor is 5'1" and wearing size Small. 

  Front Body Length Chest Width Across Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 271/4 in. 201/2 in. 191/4 in. 241/8 in.
M 281/2 in. 221/2 in. 203/4 in. 245/8 in.
L 291/2 in. 241/2 in. 223/8 in. 251/8 in.
XL 305/8 in. 261/2 in. 24 in. 255/8 in.
2XL 317/8 in. 281/2 in. 253/8 in. 261/8 in.